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Grande Nutcracker Agape Dance Academy

Online Registration & Pre-order your dance memory portraits 

(Please note you MUST be pre-registered  - photographer can only stay for limited time at the Dress Rehearsal December 15 )

I will have a blue winter backdrop set up at dress rehearsal, along with my professional lighting equipment.


Individual Ballerina Portraits  (choose from 1 pose, 2 poses or 3 poses) for scheduling purposes


Nutcracker's Winter DanceNutcracker's Winter DancePhoto by:    Leaping BallerinaLeaping BallerinaPhoto created by:

Pictured above: Nutcracker 2017  photos by Alixandra Art & Photography



MoondancerMoondancerPhoto created by:

Pictured below: Petite Swan Lake photos from last Spring Class Petite Photo Day


(Photos from last Spring Petitie Swan Production pictured above)







(Group photos from last Spring Petitie Swan Production pictured above)


Photos for Grande Nutcracker Agape Dance Academy (will take place during dress rehearsal at the theater)

Pre-Register if you would like dance portraits receive 1 or more Bonus Social Media Images emailed directly to you.

Step1: Choose Your Dance Package

Step 2: Registration & Pre-Payment

Step 3: TELL YOUR CHILD they have been registered and are written on my photo list so that they know to pose, if possible print out payment receipt to give to your child.


Performers, will already be dressed in Nutcracker Production costumes  during dress rehearsal




**  ** Make-up as you would for performance / portraits . please note: no cell-phone photography please**






Dancer Name
Nutcracker Part

Choose package above


Please Note:  Parents if you would like your Dancers photographed they  must be pre-registered


Older Dancers in the Grande Nutcracker are also welcome to come after 5:30 pm on December 9 at the Aptos Studio location (at the end of Petite photo day ) with pre-registration


Grande Dancers with younger siblings may come at the younger sibling's scheduled times but all jumping advanced poses will be done after 5:30.  Older Dancers should be pre-registered at the above link & with a note.  Advanced Leaps/Jumps and other poses are offered for older dancers to be captured in action with professional flash lighting designed to capture high action leaps by dancers frozen in mid air.  This is a great opportunity to have professional dance portraits done. A private photography session may also be booked with the photographer separately  at a future date if desired.

Leaping BallerinaLeaping BallerinaPhoto created by:


Photos in December will have a Nutcracker Snow Winter theme

Nutcracker's Winter DanceNutcracker's Winter DancePhoto by:


An optional "Premium Fine Art Edit" Full Moon Ballerina image may be added on & purchased from your favorite pose

(online after you receive your portrait package) ! Normally only offered through my Fine Art Fairytale Photo Sessions, offered for Agape Dance for 2017 Nutcracker Dancers only

Moonlight Arabian DancerMoonlight Arabian DancerPhotography by:

Please Note: Photographs taken at the dress rehearsal will have a blue winter backdrop behind it to match Nutcracker & final images may have snow overlays, these will be different in appearance than the white backdrop used at the promotional photo session. If your dancer was photographed during the promotional photo shoot for Nutcracker you may view & purchase those photographs at this link: