Alixandra Art & Photography: Blog en-us (C) Alixandra Art & Photography (Alixandra Art & Photography) Wed, 07 Sep 2016 05:13:00 GMT Wed, 07 Sep 2016 05:13:00 GMT Alixandra Art & Photography: Blog 120 80 Fall Fairy time Its almost time for the Fall Fairy to visit .. This means little girls dressed in adorable costumes of leaves in piles of leaves and pumpkins. Or tiny toddlers sitting in a giant pumpkin.

Fall FairyFall FairyThe Fall Fairy next to a pumpkin

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Fairytales in the Enchanted Forest of the California Redwoods I've always said that I live in the Enchanted Forest. Our home is located quite literally inside of a Redwood forest, where towering trees over 300 feet high, taller than a three story building tower over us. At times, the trees block during the winter and it is often cold in the shade. The redwoods do have some powerful magic of their own. While it took me a long while to adapt to living with the trees on many levels, since I grew up in Suburbia. Recently, I decided to take advantage of some of the scenery in the area surrounding my home studio / house. The Little Red Riding Hood Image is part of my Fairytale Art series for 2016. It started with an enchanted library art piece that I was creating for puzzlers and, as fairytales often do, it soon took on a life of its own.... 

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Frozen Fairytales What's keeping me up at night? It's images of snowqueens in ice-caves, despite the fact I live in sunny California at the moment where its rare to get rain and it never snows at the ocean near the Redwood Forest. I've created fantasy styled art for years, drawing and painting. I've added wings onto little girls and placed them into flowers, but something has shifted.. This past year I have been getting very focused on my technical camera shooting with some new fun lenses and playing with focal length and light. Getting all the elements in an image to be the same color temperature and with the light going in the same direction can allow the illusion to become much more realistic. Would you know if I shot the image in the actual ice cave, or shot in on a beach somewhere? Now I've been regularly creating Photoshop images for my Fine Art  (stuff that goes on cards & puzzles) with hundreds of layers for years, so it's not so much a stretch. Yet, getting the illusion correct without on purpose breaking all "The Rules" of Photography is still a creative challenge.  I had so much fun working on this image, and there's still a few more that I'm working on with this same frozen ice cave theme. I've never attempted to re-create a "inspired by" Disney to such an extreme before, but I do have two little girls and Queen Elsa and her "Let it Go " song is part of my reality now.  On the plus side "Let it Go" CD has a magical power to make my little one STOP crying when played in a moving vehicle. So, the song, the movie has woven itself into my daily mommy reality as well as into my creative space. 

I like to believe all things Disney, originally had their root in much older Fairytales. Probably much darker stories than the light, filtered for innocent eyes stuff we see portrayed in Pop-Culture. The varieties of the Snow-Queen story exist, along with tales of Jack Frost.  I've even recently seen a photoshoot depicting Frozen Queen Elsa, together with her "lover" Jack Frost a Japanese photographer. 

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Fairytale & Storybook Images are brewing

Here's a fairytale image from last year created from a photo of a newborn baby. "Fairy Child" bespeaks of a child left from the faeries or for the faeries on a soft bed of moss in the morning twilight. 

This image was originally shot with the baby wrapped in green, "moss colored" blankets and using Photoshop I was able to digitally place the baby onto the sleeping log. 

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starting this photo blog In the begining in the land of social media, there was a blog, a journal a diary and it was scattered all over the place. The journals and diaries were in boxes hidden under the house. The old blog was on the other website. The other postings and musing were on a business facebook page which (due to the hidden gods of technology) becomes inactivated from time to time. What is still here is this website and this blog, which I have never actually activated or used. That should change now. Facebook shouldn't own my content or have the power to disable all my content. Yes, I will be back on Facebook, once the IT gods over in India figure out I'm not a hack and my artist pages are actually mind. In the meantime, here I am typing on my own blog, hosted on my own website at 3:10 am. What's new? Alot of things - over on my Fine Art website, there are new images of donuts, chocolates and the latest, a rainbow henna cookie creation with jig saw puzzlers in mind. Over on my portrait site - I have been playing with natural light, backlit images at sunset are my new favorite creations.  This weekend, one of the first Fairytale Storybook Sessions will come to live. I have found a model who bears a striking resemblance to the SnowQueen, AKA the movie all little girls have been crazy over for the past few years and will recreate an "inspired by" version using the magic of Photoshop. I'm excited to roll this out. The long term plan which has been simmering for literally over a decade is to create custom images showing children as their favorite literary or movie character and then create a storybook showing these images in riveting detail along with personalized information for the child.


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New Portrait Photography Blog for 2014 OK - The new portrait website is officially up! This will be the new blog with just a focus on Portrait Photography... Please check my main artist website for everything fine art / illustration (my collection of animal, butterfly, sacred images) .. the address to that site is:   .. the focus of this blog will primarily be portrait photography... Check back soon! Thanks for visiting! -Alix cutiesDSC_0360cutiesDSC_0360

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